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Student Guide Web Links

Learning the College System

> The On-line Student Survival Guide
This book consists of a series of “Top 10” lists for surviving the rigors of life on a college or university campus.

  • How to Succeed as a Student
    This 48-page study skills booklet provides a complete summary of the tools, tips and techniques necessary for becoming an efficient and successful student.
  • The National Clearinghouse for Academic Advising
    This website’s mission is to promote the advancement of academic advising through the greater dissemination of resources and research pertinent to this educational endeavor.
  • Top Ten Tips for Surviving College
    Tips to keep you afloat during the hectic college years
  • Study skills :

    Reading and Writing :

    Problem solving and Mathematics :

    Computing for College Success :

    • The Liszt Discussion Group Search Program
      A way to join over 90,000 mailing lists and discussion groups.
    • Internet Navigation
      This is a directory of some of the more useful Internet navigation tools found. All of these tools have their strengths and weaknesses, but some of the best tools to start with have been marked.
    • How to Use Web Search Engines
      A guide to get the most out of your searches on AltaVista, Infoseek, Excite, Webcrawler, Lycos, HotBot, and the Yahoo Directory.

    Assuring Your Mental Health


    Recommended  Websites

    These free, independent web  sites represent a sampling of college success guides available on  the World Wide Web  and are selected for their quality content and stability.  Content quality and availability may change without notice.

    CampusBlues.com >http://www.campusblues.com/

    A collaborative effort of various counseling centers and networks designed to facilitate student awareness and use of school resources.  Short articles cover topics such as study skills, time management, money problems, anxiety, social skills, homesickness, abuse, etc.

    College Success:  Resource Web  Links >http://www.wadsworth.com/colsuccess_d/special_features/weblinks.html

    Wadsworth (publishing company) presents a list  of web  sites that focus on  achieving a successful college experience.  Links are divided by topics such as time management, reading and writing, problem solving and mathematics, achieving relationships in a multi-cultural world, assuring your physical/mental health, managing money, etc.

    Go Ask Alice  > http://www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/

    Produced by Columbia University’s Health Education Program, Go Ask Alice provides factual, in-depth, straight-forward, and nonjudgmental information about topics such as:  relationships; sexuality; sexual health; emotional health; fitness; nutrition; alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs; and general health.

    The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection   > http://www.dr-bob.org/vpc/

    The  University of Chicago Student Counseling and Resource Service offers a collection of links to pamphlets produced by student counseling centers on  various topics: anxiety, cultural issues, depression, disabilities, eating disorders, sexual assault, stress, study skills, test-taking, time management, and more.

    Study Guides & Strategies  > http://www.studygs.net/

    Authored, maintained and supported by Joe Landsberger as an independent educational public service, this site provides almost 100 guides focused primarily on  study skills and learning techniques.  Also includes a section on  studying math and science as well as basic writing skills, taking tests, etc.  The  guides are simplistic in format to encourage learning and are also offered in multiple languages.

    Study Skills Self-help  Information   >  http://www.ucc.vt.edu/stdysk/stdyhlp.html

    The  Cook Counseling Center at Virginia Polytechnic Institute offers a series of short articles to improve study skills. Includes topics such as time scheduling, concentration, acronyms, vocabulary, etc.  Also contains online study skills workshops.

    UCC Virtual Handouts  >http://gwired.gwu.edu/counsel/SelfHelp/SelfHelpLibrary/VirtualHandouts/

    The  George Washington University Counseling Center provides links to websites with extensive information on  personal development and mental health related topics.  Also lists additional resources for self-help.



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