>DSP Tutorials

Many excellent DSP-related tutorials are available on the ‘net. We link to some of the best here. (Be sure also to see dspGuru’s own tutorials.)


  • Iowegian International Corporation (dspGuru’s parent company) provides a couple of tutorials shamelessly designed to sell their stuff. If you read carefully, you’ll find some good DSP tips along the way:
    1. A/D Performance Measurement– Gives some advice and examples about how to measure the performance of A/D converters using ScopeDSP.
    2. FIR Filter Design Tutorial– While introducing ScopeFIR, this tutorial gives some tips about the care and feeding of the popular Parks-McClellan FIR filter design method and several others.
  • How do I learn DSP? – DSP often seems like a giant mountain to beginners, but take heart: it can be climbed. To help you take the first few steps up the slope, this page provides some great general tips, and also lists specific introductory-level resources including web sites, books, software, and hardware.
  • Bores Signal Processing– A great online introductory DSP course.
  • Randy’s DSP Page includes the following papers, and more:
    1. Fixed-Point Arithmetic
    2. Practical Considerations in Fixed-Point FIR Filter Implementations
  • Andraka Consulting Group’s Publications page includes the following papers, and more:
    1. FIR filter fits in an FPGA: A bit serial Approach
    2. Building a High Performance Bit Serial Processor in an FPGA
    3. A Survey of CORDIC Algorithms for FPGAs
  • The CRC Pitstop– All about CRC (cyclic redundancy check) and other data-checking algorithms.

Source >http://www.dspguru.com/info/tutor/other2.htm


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