Biomechanics II

EGBE261 Biomechanics II
Semester 2, 2008

 Biomechanics 2 is the application of dynamics to biological systems.

 Learn how to participate and to ask good questions
 Understand Dynamics concepts
 Acquire a Dynamics paradigm for viewing problems
 Understand the Human Body
 Apply dynamics to the Human Body
 Apply biomechanics to device Design

Week     Topics (Hr. Lecture/Lab)
1 Matlab/linear Algebra            
2  Motion of a point           
3 Force Mass and Acceleration            
4 Energy methods            
5 Momentum methods            
6 Planar Kinematics           
7 Planar kinetics
8 Ennergy and momentum in Rigid Bodies
9 Midterm
10 3D systems
11 Vibrations
12 Angular Kinematics / kinetics
13 Data processing
14 Gait
15  Group Presentations           
16 Review
17 Final Exam
Source From:
Teacher: Jonathon Sensinger, Ph.D.
Leader, Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering Research Track
Faculty Member, Center for Biomedical and Robotics Technology (BART LAB)
Research Interests – Artificial Limbs, Myoelectric Prosthesis Design and Control

>>Syllabus :


Biomechanics II
Recommend texts

😀  ♣ “Fundamental of Biomechanics”,”Nihat Ozkaya, Margareta Nordin, V.H. Frankel, and R. Skalak”,”1999″,”Springer”,”TextBook”
😀 “Hibbeler_Engineering Mechanics Dynamics (แปลโดย อินทรชิต หอวิจิตร)”,”R.C.Hibbeler”,””,”Pearson”,”หนังสือ(ไทย)”
😀 “กลศาสตร์วิศวกรรม แปล(DYNAMICS: VECTOR MECHANICS FOR ENGINEERS) “,”FERDINAND P. BEER”,””,”Toptext”,”หนังสือ(ไทย)”
😀 “Bedford and Fowler_Dynamics (2nd Ed)”,”Bedford and Fowler”,””,””,”TextBook”

Suggested Reading:
♥ “กลศาสตร์ วิศวกรรม ภาคพลศาสตร์ จุฬา”,”เมธีและ ก่อเกียรติ”,””,”ซีเอ็ด”,”หนังสือ(ไทย)”

♥ “กลศาสตร์วิศวกรรม ภาคDynamic.”,”วีรศักดิ์”,””,”ว.พ.”,”หนังสือ(ไทย)”


♣ “APPLIED BIOMECHANICS”,”MCLESTER, J.”,”2008″,””,”TextBook”
♣ “Atlas of Amputation and Limb Deficiencies 3Ed”,”Perry”,””,””,”TextBook”
♣ “Biomechanics : principles and applications”,”Daniel J. Schneck, Joseph D. Bronzino”,”2003″,”CRC”,”TextBook”
♣ “Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement (2nd Ed)”,”Winter”,””,””,”TextBook”
♣ “Introductory BioMechanics”,”Ethier”,”2007″,”Cambridge”,”TextBook”
♣ “Physics of the Human Body “,”Herman”,””,”Springer”,”TextBook”
♣ “The Atlas of Amputations and Limb Deficiencies (3rd Ed)”,”Perry”,””,””,”TextBook”
♣ “Vector Mechanics for Engineers, 8th SI Edition”,”Beer Johnston”,””,””,”TextBook”













egbe261-dynamics-of-human-gaitegbe261-understanding-the-human-machine human-body-classical-mechanics-and-human-movement 





♥ “Biomechanics  Principles and Applications.”,”Donald R. Peterson & Joseph D. Bronzino_”,”2008″,””,”E-Book”





♥”Biomechanics Principles and Applications”,”Schneck and Bronzino”,””,””,”E-Book”






♥ “Dynamics – Engineering Mechanics “,”Bedford Fowler”,”1996″,””,”E-Book”

♥ “Fundamentals of Biomechanics”,”Knudson”,”2007″,”Springer”,”E-Book”






♥ “Human Body Dynamics – Classical mechanics and human movement “,”A.Tozeren”,””,””,”E-Book”


Course Materials:
♥♥♥ “EGBE261 Lecture2008″,””,””,””,”Multimedia and CD Interactive”

 😀 >>Matlab Texts List:

รวบรวม รายชื่อตำรา matlab สำหรับผู้เริ่มต้นเรียน ตำรา๓าษาไทยจะมีน้อยมากที่มีจะเก่าและมักไม่มีขายแล้ว  มีออกใหม่ที่ สพจ.เท่านั้น



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