Electrical and Electronic Circuits

Lessons in Electric Circuits
Discover Circuits
25,000+ schematics. They also have great links to other tutorials.
Electronics Lab Projects – Tons of great projects

The Electronics Encyclopedia
Sam Electronic Circuits(Projects)
Circuit Exchange International
Circuits and Electronics (Video Lectures)
Op Amps for Everyone (pdf file)
Electric and Electronic Principles (winrar file)
Nonlinear Microwave and RF Circuits Numerical Analysis Using MATLAB and Spreadsheets, Second Edition
Understand Electronic Filters

The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics
Linear Integrated Circiuts (Video Lectures)
Digital Integrated Circuits (Video Lectures)
Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits (Video Lectures)
Integrated Circuits for Communication (Video Lectures)
Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits (Video Lectures)
Principles of Digital Communications II (Video Lectures)
Signals and Systems (Video Lectures)
Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems (Video Lectures)
Digital Signal Processing (Video Lectures)
Solid State Devices
Solid State Devices (Discussion)
BASIC Stamp on GNU/Linux (pdf)
Engineer on a Disk
Transistors, LEDS, and Semiconducotrs
Basic Circuit Theory
Basic Electronics Tools Overview
Basic Knowledge of Electronic Parts
Basic Soldering Guide
Capacitors – What are They Good For
Communications Electronics
DC Circuits
Dictionary of Electronics  
Digital Logic
Digital Logic Tutorial – Play Hookey
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive
Electronics – Wikibooks
Fundamentals of Power Electronics
Introduction to Power Supplies – PDF           
Liquid Crystal Introduction
Electrical Circuit Formulas
Basic Electrical Laws and Circuit Theory


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