The Human Germ Line

The Science and Ethics of engineering The human Germ Line

The other purpose of the plan is to encourage retention of a disciplined approach to analysis of new breakthroughs. We must not lose sight of the principles upon which we wish to guide our acceptance of new technologies and, at the same time, we need resist the urge to factor into logical analysis fundamental philosophical issues that are themselves impossible to resolve through logic or fact gathering. This is not to say that our fundamental concepts of right and wrong are not important for the process of judging new capabilities in the area of genetic engineering, but rather, to indicate that these concepts and principles, as we see them, must assume their proper role in the reasoning process. My third goal is to provide an appreciation. The lack of a holistic and comprehensive understanding of human genetic manipulation on the part of the public as well as groups of specialists has led to a disorganized and often misleading discussion of the issue. One major goal of this book is to demonstrate the importance of recognizing the interrelationship of these scientific and medical fields when evaluating the appropriateness of genetic modification.

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