Engineering Thermodynamics

Fundamental of Engineering Thermodynamics

This book provides the tools needed by specialists working in all such fields. For non-specialists, the book provides background for making decisions about technology related to thermodynamics-on the job and as informed citizens. The sixth edition considers many of these new applications while retaining the basic organization and level of the previous editions. Several enhancements to improve student learning have been introduced. Included are new text elements and interior design features that help students to better understand and apply the subject matter. With this edition we continue our effective pedagogy. clear and concise presentations at a level appropriate for college sophomores and juniors, sound developments of the fundamentals. and state-of-the-art engineering applications. Thermodyamics became a formal area of study in the nineteenth century through consideration of the capacity of hot bodies 10 produce work. Throughout the twentieth century engineering applications of thermodynamics helped pave the way for Increased well being with advances in major areas such as transportation, power generation, and heating/cooling of buildings. In the twenty-first century, thermodynamics will continue to provide concepts and methods essential for addressing critical societal issues.

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