Biological Thermodynamics

Biological Thermodynamics
By Donald T. Haynie , 2 Edition
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Biological Thermodynamics provides an introduction to the study of energy transformations for students of the biological sciences. Donald Haynie uses an informal writing style to introduce this core subject in a manner that will appeal to biology and biochemistry undergraduate students. The emphasis of the text is placed on understanding basic concepts and developing problem-solving skills throughout the text. The level of mathematical complexity is kept to a minimum. Each chapter provides numerous examples taken from different areas of biochemistry, as well as extensive exercises to aid understanding. Topics covered include energy and its transformation, the First Law of Thermodynamics, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, Gibbs Free Energy, statistical thermodynamics, binding equilibria and reaction kinetics, and a survey of the most exciting areas of biological thermodynamics today, particularly the origin of life on Earth.

Table of Contents
Preface Ch. 1 Energy transformation
Ch. 2 The First Law of Thermodynamics
Ch. 3 The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Ch. 4 Gibbs free energy – theory
Ch. 5 Gibbs free energy – applications
Ch. 6 Statistical thermodynamics
Ch. 7 Binding equilibria
Ch. 8 Reaction kinetics
Ch. 9 The frontier or biological thermodynamics
App. A: General references
App. B: Biocalorimetry
App. C: Useful tables
App. D BASIC program for computing the intrinsic rate of amide hydrogen exchange from the backbone of a polypeptide
Index of names
Subject index
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* ISBN: 0521711347
* ISBN-13: 9780521711340
* Format: Textbook Paperback, 422pp
* Publisher: Cambridge University Press
* Pub. Date: March 2008
* Edition Description: REV


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