Maths Collection(2)


Mathematics for economists:

Julio Dávila (Penn), Mathematics for Economic Theory
Arne Hallam (Iowa State), Quantitative Methods in Economic Analysis
John Hillas / Dmitriy Kvasov (Auckland), Foundations of Economic Analysis
Michael Manove (Boston U), Mathematics for Micro
Markus Möbius (Harvard), Mathematics for Economists
Efe Ok (NYU), Real Analysis & Probability Theory with Economic Applications
Martin Osborne (Toronto), Mathematical Methods for Economic Theory
Guoqiang Tian (Texas A&M), Mathematical Economics
Viatcheslav Vinogradov (Charles U), A Cook-Book of Mathematics


Steve Alpern (LSE), Optimization Theory
Stephen Boyd (Stanford) / Lieven Vandenberghe (UCLA), Convex Optimization
Michael Burger (UCLA), Infinite-Dimensional Optimization and Optimal Design
Jan van den Heuvel (LSE) / Graham Brightwell (LSE), Optimization Theory
Robert Vanderbei (Princeton), Linear Programming: Foundations and Extensions
Pravin Varaiya (Berkeley), Lecture Notes on Optimization
Klaus Wälde (U Würzburg), Applied Intertemporal Optimization
Richard Woodward (Texas A&M), Dynamic Optimization

Linear algebra / calculus / differential equations:
Alan Bain (prev. Cambridge), Stochastic Calculus
Michael Berry (Tennessee) et al., Templates for the Solution of Linear Systems
George Cain (Georgia Tech) / James Herod (Georgia Tech), Multivariable Calculus
William Chen (Macquarie), First-Year Calculus
William Chen (Macquarie), Linear Algebra
Ian Craw (Aberdeen), Advanced Calculus and Analysis
Lawrence Evans (Berkeley), An Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations
John Friedlander / Peter Rosenthal (Toronto), Calculus Lecture Notes
Jonathan Goodman (NYU), Stochastic Calculus
Jim Hefferon (St. Michael’s College), Linear Algebra
Robert Kohn (NYU), Partial Differential Equations for Finance
Thomas Kurtz (Wisconsin), Lectures in Stochastic Analysis
Lee Lady (Hawaii), Topics in Calculus
Keith Matthews (Queensland), Elementary Linear Algebra
Kaare Petersen / Michael Petersen (Technical U Denmark), The Matrix Cookbook
Dinakar Ramakrishnan (Caltech), Calculus, Number Theory & Vector Calculus
Klaus Schmitt (Utah), Nonlinear Analysis and Differential Equations
Ruslan Shapirov (Bashkir State U, Russia), Course of Linear Algebra and Multidimensional Geometry
Dan Sloughter (Furman), Difference to Differential Equations
Dan Sloughter (Furman), The Calculus of Functions of Several Variables
Gerald Teschl (Vienna), Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
Sergei Treil (Brown), Linear Algebra Done Wrong

Analysis / measure theory / topology:

Robert Anderson (Berkeley), Measure Theory
Douglas Arnold (Penn State), Complex Analysis
Douglas Arnold (Penn State), Functional Analysis
George Cain (Georgia Tech), Complex Analysis
William Chen (Macquarie), Fundamentals of Analysis
William Chen (Macquarie), Introduction to Complex Analysis
William Chen (Macquarie), Introduction to Lebesgue Integration
William Chen (Macquarie), Linear Functional Analysis
William Chen (Macquarie), Multivariable and Vector Analysis
Paul Garrett (Minnesota), Functional Analysis
Lee Larson (Louisville), Real Analysis Lecture Notes
Vitali Liskevich (Bristol), Measure Theory and Functio

nal Analysis
Aisling McCluskey (York, Ca.) / Brian McMaster (York, Ca.), Topology Course Notes
Sidney Morris (Ballarat), Topology without Tears
Sylvia Serfaty (NYU), Functional Analysis Notes
Bert Wachsmuth (Seton Hall), Interactive Real Analysis
Elias Zakon (Windsor), Mathematical Analysis I

Mathematical game theory and logic, other math:

Stefan Bilaniuk (Trent), A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic
William Chen (Macquarie), Discrete Mathematics
William Chen (Macquarie), Congruences, Polynomials, and Group Theory
George Collins, II (Case Western), Fundamental Numerical Methods and Data Analysis
Germund Dahlquist (prev. RIT Sweden) / Ake Bjork (Linkoping), Numerical Mathematics in Scientific Computation
Thomas Ferguson (UCLA), Game Theory
Steven Pav (UCSD), Numerical Methods Course Notes
Stephen Simpson (Penn State), Mathematical Logic
Steven Sugden (Bond U, Australia), Discrete Mathematics
Michal Walicki (Bergen), Introduction to Logic

Alexandre Stevanov‘s Listing of Math Lecture Notes
Eric Weissenstein’s Mathworld


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